StArt is a project in collaboration with the Juilliard School.  Former Osceola student and Juilliard graduate, Evan Todd and Osceola County Drama Instructor, Nina Cochran were the conduit for this project.   The Juilliard School will provide ten student teaching artists in various disciplines. In addition, Osceola arts educators will collaborate with the Juilliard trained teaching artists.​  The vision is to provide students with a place to begin world class experience of their creativity that imitates their pursuit of long term goals.

We strive to inspire a new generation of committed young artists and arts advocates. We strive to establish a creative space where students can challenge their ideals and realize their potential through focused exploration of the arts.  Through intensive artistic collaboration between Juilliard trained teaching artists, Osceola County students and professional artists and teachers in the community, we attempt to develop original work that challenges everyone invovled to elevate their artistic standards.  It is our hope that students will leave the project energized with the confidence and support to pursue their dreams at the highest level and with the belief that anything can be attained with hard work, tenacity and creativity.  



Our History

Established in 2010 as The Osceola County Arts Intensive, the project was the inspiration of Evan Todd and Janine Cochran. After attending Juilliard and having the opportunity to teach around the world, Todd was eager to empower Middle and High school students in his hometown and the surrounding area.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to challenge, to question, to transcend, to inspire, to validate,

to be a catalyst, a springboard,

to be a place to begin...

a place to StArt.

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